Approaching Religion through Story: Resources for Schoolteachers

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The project has made available a series of resources for schoolteachers which use stories to explore religious ideas and practices. The resources have been created by experts in the use of narrative in religious texts and contexts, in collaboration with local school teachers and the Senior Education Officer in RMPS for Education Scotland. This has been accompanied by professional development events run for teachers at primary and secondary level. The use of the resources will be followed up with the contacts made at these events. Of particular importance is the opportunity to build up the confidence of teachers in the use of the materials, and to encourage pupils to develop their understanding of the significance of these stories as they progress through their time at school.

Layman's description

The project has created and made freely available a series of resources for teachers at all levels which use stories to explore religious ideas and practices. The aim is to offer teachers material they can use with confidence in their own settings, and which will enable pupils to engage with stories from various religious traditions according to their level of understanding.
Effective start/end date1/11/151/12/16


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