Assessment of mineral deficiencies in cattle to improve cow fertility and production in Plateau State, Nigeria

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Deficiencies of certain minerals (especially trace elements including copper, selenium, iodine and cobalt) can have long-lasting effects on animal health, productivity and fertility. This project aims to sample 25 farms across five Local Government Areas of Plateau State in Nigeria, collecting blood, milk and feedstuff samples to be analysed for mineral status, as well as data on nutritional management, health and fertility of the cattle. The samples will be analysed in the National Veterinary Research Institute in Nigeria, and the results reported back to the farmers with appropriate advice about correct mineral supplementation of their cattle. Such a project has not been undertaken before in Nigeria, and will develop a new commercial analysis service. It will provide proof-of-concept in collecting farm data, monitoring of nutrition and analyses of samples in Nigeria that will provide a legacy for future work helping Nigerian farmers, in particular benefitting the women of the household.

Key findings

GCRF Agri-tech Catalyst Seeding Award
Effective start/end date1/10/2030/06/21


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