Bionics+: User Centred Design and Usability of Bionic Devices

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The Bionics+ NetworkPlus will represent the spectrum of research, clinical and industrial communities across bionic technologies within the EPSRC Grand Challenge theme of Frontiers of Physical Intervention. It will invigorate and support a cohesive, open and active network with the mission of creating a mutually supportive environment. It will lead to the co-creation of user-centred bionic solutions that are fit for purpose. These advances will have a global impact, consolidating the world-leading position of the UK. The founding tranche will focus on ambitious and transformative research, new collaborative and translational activities, and the formulation of a longer-term strategy. Within this context, as a community, we will explore and identify areas of opportunity and value, driven by Bionics users' needs, complementary to existing activity and strengths. The network will instigate and support early-stage research in these priority areas, alongside providing an outward-facing representation and engagement of the UK Bionics community. Further, we aim to contribute in an advisory capacity to public bodies, UK industry and government policy.

At the time of the application, we have obtained a positive commitment from circa 70 groups including bionic users, academic partners from universities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and a few international partners; partners in medical devices, orthotics and prosthetics industry, both large corporates and small-medium size companies; and many clinicians, surgeons and aligned health experts from relevant NHS clinics and the private sector.
Effective start/end date21/06/2120/06/25


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