Building research feedback into teachers’ professional reflection for change towards inclusion

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This in an ESRC IAA Impact booster project that aimed to create and capture new impact towards REF Case study on Teacher Agency for Change and Inclusive Pedagogy. The underpinning research has shown that relationships with others in their school community, including colleagues, students and their families, or other professionals, are key for building inclusive school communities that support the learning of all students, particularly for vulnerable learners. This project boosts teachers’ professional reflection about their relationships through the development of a software that enables teachers who engage with a web-based reflective log (developed in previous research) to receive automatic feedback on their individual and/or school networks of relationships. Provided alongside with the summary of research-based features of inclusive school networks, such feedback can be used to facilitate professional development and school improvement. In partnerships with Stockholm University, the tool was tested in two schools in Sweden to capture changes in relational practices resulting from teachers' engagement with the network feedback. The data from these sites was used to make adjustments and disseminate the prototype feedback tool through our networks of international organisations, schools and teacher education institutions.
Short titleNetwork Feedback Tool
Effective start/end date1/04/1831/03/19


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