Building Safer Communities

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Building Safer Communities, built upon a partnership between the Universities of Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh and the Scottish Community Safety Network (SCSN), used knowledge exchange as a vehicle for evidence based improvements in the practice and delivery of community safety interventions.

Key findings

The project secured a range of outcomes. First, the SCSN adopted the definition of community safety advanced by the project. This definition delineated the scope and focus of community safety, being sensitive to the strategic objectives of Scottish Government. Second, the project supported the design and launch of the Safer Communities Scotland website. This platform contains a range of resources developed by the project, including:
thematic reviews
Effective Intervention Reviews
Practice Notes.
The thematic reviews examine approaches to the delivery of best practice in partnership working, monitoring and evaluation, and, the selection of interventions.
Effective Intervention Reviews provide non-technical summaries of specific interventions evidenced to hold a beneficial impact upon a particular object of community safety.
Practice Notes endeavour to share practitioner insights on current approaches to delivery of community safety interventions across Scotland.
Effective start/end date1/11/0930/11/10


  • ESRC: £8,929.00


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