Capturing tundra responses to warming across microclimates

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Effective start/end date1/08/2031/03/22


  • NERC: £20,000.00


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  • Shallow soils are warmer under trees and tall shrubs across Arctic and Boreal ecosystems

    Kropp, H., Loranty, M. M., Natali, S. M., Kholodov, A. L., Rocha, A. V., Myers-smith, I. H., Abbott, B. W., Abermann, J., Blanc-betes, E., Blok, D., Blume-werry, G., Boike, J., Breen, A. L., Cahoon, S. M. P., Christiansen, C. T., Douglas, T. A., Epstein, H. E., Frost, G. V., Goeckede, M., Høye, T. T. & 31 others, Mamet, S. D., O'donnell, J. A., Olefeldt, D., Phoenix, G. K., Salmon, V. G., Sannel, A. B. K., Smith, S. L., Sonnentag, O., Vaughn, L., Williams, M., Elberling, B., Gough, L., Hjort, J., Lafleur, P. M., Euskirchen, E. S., Heijmans, M., Humphreys, E. R., Iwata, H., Jones, B. M., Jorgenson, T., Grünberg, I., Kim, Y., Laundre, J., Mauritz, M., Michelsen, A., Schaepman-strub, G., Tape, K. D., Ueyama, M., Lee, B., Langley, K. & Lund, M., 11 Nov 2020, (E-pub ahead of print) In: Environmental Research Letters.

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