Catalytic oxidative C-H bond functionalisation with high oxidation state N-heterpcyclic carbene complexes

  • Arnold, Polly (Principal Investigator)

Project Details

Key findings

This proposal was to develop and understand new asymmetric catalytic C-H bond functionalisation chemistry using high oxidation state palladium complexes. We made and reported the first isolated PdIV carbene complexes and demonstrated that they are viable catalytic intermediates in Pd-catalysed C-H bond halogenation reactions. These ligands survive the harsh oxidising reaction conditions, and demonstrate that tunable supporting ligand systems can be used to enhance and direct PdIV catalysed reactions. By isolating some of the unusual intermediates we gain fundamental mechanistic insight into these important reactions which will enable us and others to improve catalytic activity and develop asymmetric catalysts for oxidative C-H bond activations with cheaper metals in the future.
Effective start/end date1/04/0731/08/14