Centre for Humanness and Dementia: Exploring the challenges to our being human.

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Globally, people living with dementia face stigma and increased disability through structures and social taboos that place them on the margins of society. The reality for many people living with dementia is that they disengage and are excluded from activities such as civic engagement and research, and denied basic human rights: in a culture that values autonomy, cognition, and individualism, they are no longer considered fully human. Both fiscal and ethical imperatives dictate that we can no longer continue in the same way. The creation of the ESRC Centre for Humanness and Dementia (CHAD) seeks to combat this challenge, conducting cutting-edge research with those living with dementia to expand our understanding of what it means to be human. CHAD will harness and elevate ground-up social movement as we challenge taboos through a repositioning of dementia in the public, policy, third sector, academic, health, and social care spheres.

Layman's description

Find and make ways of understanding and tackling the taboos around "living with dementia" and bring a sense of humanity to the situation for others. ECA brings a design-led component to the project
Short titleESRC Humaness Dementia Centre
StatusNot started
Effective start/end date1/06/2431/05/29


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