Centre for Systems Biology at Edinburgh

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Key findings

SynthSys research directly funded by this award published 110 primary papers and 13 reviews, generating many new theoretical tools and experimental methods, as well as revealing for the first time how yeast transcription pauses at a splicing checkpoint, how mouse macrophage cells downregulate cholesterol synthesis as an antiviral defense, and that eukaryotic cells have a paradigm-shifting, non-transcriptional 24-hour clock.
SynthSys created durable research platforms for biochemistry and quantitative proteomics (the Kinetic Parameter Facility, KPF), for informatics (SBSI and online repositories BioDare and PlaSMo), and for interdisciplinary research management.
SynthSys created a new, sustainable Centre for interdisciplinary biology, attracting £22.4M further external funding and new academic staff, and thus doubling the number of Systems Biology research groups at the University of Edinburgh.
AcronymSynthSys; formerly CSBE
Effective start/end date8/01/0731/12/12


  • BBSRC: £11,114,199.00


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