Ceremonial mace for McGill University Canada

  • Bottomley, Stephen (Principal Investigator)

Project Details


Silver, Gold and Enamel mace for McGill University, Canada.

Layman's description

Three J&S students have designed and helped manufacture a new ceremonial mace for McGill.
J&S eca students Joe Metcalfe year 3, Elizabeth Campbell year 4 and Georgina Leung year 4 designed the mace and assisted in its manufacture in the both the workshops of Hamilton and Inches and the University of Edinburgh.
The project was directed by Stephen Bottomley who oversaw the champleve enamel head of the mace being enamelled and etched by final year student Elizabeth Campbell. Jon Hunt, workshop manager of Hamilton and Inches oversaw the construction of the mace in the Edinburgh workshop.
Effective start/end date24/09/1219/07/13


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