Ceremonial Mace for the University of the Highlands and Islands

  • Bottomley, Stephen (Principal Investigator)

Project Details


The design and manufacture of a ceremonial mace in Silver, Gold and Oak for the inauguration of the new university of the Highlands and Islands.

Layman's description

ECA J&S asked to design a new Mace for the University of the Highlands and Islands inaugural ceremony in Inverness 25th August 2011.
Gifted by the universities of Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Strathclyde, the university mace has been designed by Edinburgh College of Art’s jewellery and silversmithing department and was made over 2011 in collaboration with Edinburgh silversmiths Hamilton and Inches (H&I)
Four students, two past graduates and 3 present worked on the project that was directed by Stephen Bottomley and overseen in the workshops of H&I by Jon Hunt. The students were Kirsty Eaglesfield (2008), Emma McCallum (2010), Hazel Thorn (4th year 2011) and Sarah Stanford (3td year 2011).
Effective start/end date18/04/1125/08/11


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