CHSS Knowledge Exchange and Impact Fund: Postmigrant Theatre from Germany: Neco Celik

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The interdisciplinary Knowledge Exchange events that revolved around Neco Çelik’s visit included: a theatre workshop with UG and PG students and theatre practitioners, led by Neco Çelik (UoE), the screening of Çelik’s film Schweinemilch, followed by a Q&A session led by the organisers (Summerhall), the symposium ‘Postmigrant Theatre from/in Germany’, involving colleagues from Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow, as well as Neco Çelik and the playwright Annie George (UoE), the Open Discussion ‘Theatre and Interculturalism in Germany and Scotland’, led by the organisers and involving Neco Çelik and Annie George (Summerhall).These events were supported by the CHSS Knowledge Exchange and Impact Fund (£2000) and are co-organised with Lizzie Stewart.
Effective start/end date5/05/156/05/15


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