Colour Collections

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Colour Collections Challenge Investment Fund with Fiona McLachlan and Heather Pulliman.
Project based on scoping Colour teaching across University and across other UK institutions. Establish demand for 20credit pre honours courses. Making Colour, two-day workshop December 2014, working in parallel with pigment recycled from print cartridges to develop appropriate and viable paints and inks.
Benchmarking other courses followed by developing of new teaching led research/ research led teaching at UG and PG level.
Multi-disciplinary event displaying University wide application of colour within teaching, April 2015.
Formation of University network to develop common ground and connect Scholars and Researchers.
In response to the outcomes of this project, research and develop application for European funding for an international collaboration on the teaching of colour in art, architecture and design (colleagues in Dresden, Zurich and Berlin have already noted interest.

Layman's description

Survey of the Teaching of colour theory and practice.
Effective start/end date15/09/143/06/16