Core Outcome Measures for Infertility Trials - Male Infertility

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We have formed a multinational group of healthcare professionals, researchers and men with infertility to lead this initiative.

These outcomes, called a core outcome set, will be developed by those with experience in male infertility. We welcome input from healthcare professionals, researchers and men with infertility to help identify the outcomes which should be reported in future male infertility trials.

This initiative will form an extension to the recently developed core outcome set for infertility trials, which lacked relevant stakeholder representation for male infertility. Once published, this outcome set will form part of the CROWN initiative, a researcher-led drive to harmonise outcome reporting in women's and newborn health research, currently adopted by over 80 peer-reviewed journals.


Layman's description

We are looking to improve research into male infertility to enable healthcare professionals and researchers to provide better treatments for men with infertility.
Short titleCOMMIT-Male Infertility
StatusNot started


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