Developing a longitudinal survey to capture immobility and non-linear movement among refugees and migrants in North and East Africa

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2020/2021 Partnership's Fund Project with Danish Refugee Council's Mixed Migration Centre

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This series of design workshops is intended to methodologically innovate the Mixed Migration Monitoring Mechanism Initiative (4Mi) survey administered to refugees and migrants throughout North and East Africa by the Mixed Migration Centre of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC). The workshops, involving team members across the University of Edinburgh and the DRC offices in Nairobi, Tunisia and Geneva will focus on how to develop a longitudinal survey methodology to capture complex decision-making around factors including ‘staying put’ and moving on to states where international refugee law is ineffective or absent. In evidencing how the drivers of migration, and decisions and aspirations of individuals, develop over time, the survey is designed to reveal pathways through which international organisations and governments could provide more effective protection to refugees and migrants in Africa.

The aim is to build upon the methodological innovations piloted in this project to apply for further GCRF/ESRC funds to support a continent-wide study using this longitudinal survey across MMC’s numerous research sites throughout Africa.
Effective start/end date1/03/2130/09/21


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