Developing a research methods, data analysis and statistics course (RMDAS): engaging students in curriculum development

  • Connelly, Louise (Principal Investigator)
  • Martin, Jessica (Co-investigator)
  • Dickson, Julie (Co-investigator)

Project Details


Research analysis is an essential, but often daunting, skill for taught postgraduate (PGT) online distance learners (ODL) and PhD students. The University has a number of statistic courses and resources, however, to date there has been little direct involvement from students with the development of a ‘research methods and data analysis/statistics’ (RMDAS) course. Directly engaging students with curriculum development will ensure the design of an RMDAS course will be student-centred, aligning with College (MVM) learning and teaching priorities and contributing to the Universities’ Distance Education vision.

Many adult learners (PGT/PhD students) can have pre-conceived notions or experiences of learning statistics. Consequently, they may find data analysis/statistics overwhelming, which can potentially impact on their academic success and well-being. As educators, we can collaborate with students to design and deliver research methods and statistics courses which are less daunting; ensure that the student academic needs are met; contribute to lowering attrition rates, especially with online distance students; and increase student self-efficacy.

This project aims to engage students in the development of a RMDAS course which will be appropriate for PGT and PhD students. Elements of the course can be embedded in existing programme courses, used as a baseline for credit-bearing research methods courses across MVM and potentially other Colleges.

By engaging students with the design of the course it will ensure the academic content meets their needs as well as institutional requirements. Furthermore, as the future generation of researchers and professionals, this course will enable students to develop confident research skills.
Effective start/end date1/12/171/12/18


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