DIALOGUE Data intergration applications: Linking organisations to gain understanding & Experience

  • Atkinson, Malcolm (Principal Investigator)

Project Details

Layman's description

This project brought together key researchers from five research groups in the USA, three research groups in the UK, and five groups in Europe who were all conducting research into methods and technology for accessing and integrating data from distributed, multi-organisational sources. It also brought in collaborators from Japan to key meetings.

Key findings

The group developed agreements that led to standards at GGF & OGF for accessing relational XML and RDF databases. This led to distributed view and query systems reported in the literature and winning a prize at the semantic web conference. It also led to the EU FP7 project ADMIRE to continue research with two industrial partners and three academic partners. These collaborations continue 7 years after they started - fulfilling the goal of the call to which DIALOGUE was submitted.
Effective start/end date12/04/0511/04/07


  • EPSRC: £39,018.00


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