Digitally supported plasma post-processing for 3D printed space mirrors

  • Yu, Nan (Principal Investigator)
  • Yamamura, Kazuya (Co-investigator)

Project Details


The next generation of optical technologies in aerospace, defence and science applications have specifications beyond what is achievable with current precision manufacturing technologies. Atmospheric plasma provides significant scope for damage-free, ultra-precise, and cost-effective processing of optical surfaces. Due to the complexity of plasma and its interaction with the materials, deep understanding of the plasma material removal mechanisms is hugely required, not only by researchers who wish to optimize the process, but also by end-users who will operate the machine. However, the current plasma figuring technologies are not able to meet such demand: optimization of the process in the lab is still based on trial-and-error method, while the machine is hard to be operated by technicians to realize their practical applications easily. The project proposes a novel approach to using a virtualized model which runs at the same time as the plasma processing. This real-time model enables prediction, maintenance and self-optimization, and will drive this research-level technologies towards industrial readiness, enabling the UK and Japan to further strengthen international leadership in smart manufacturing of advanced materials. The target setup in this project presents a step change in ultra-precision optical manufacturing research.

This Institutional Sponsorship award for international partnerships is funded by EPSRC in order to support the pursuit and development of global research partnerships. This funding is being provided for research, knowledge exchange, and supporting activities to provide flexible support for institutional partnerships with international organisations.
Effective start/end date1/11/2131/03/22


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