Disentangle the drivers of Arctic greening across spatial scales

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Effective start/end date1/04/1931/03/20


  • NERC: £19,800.00


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  • Experimental warming differentially affects vegetative and reproductive phenology of tundra plants

    Collins, C. G., Elmendorf, S. C., Hollister, R. D., Henry, G. H. R., Clark, K., Bjorkman, A. D., Myers-Smith, I. H., Prevéy, J. S., Ashton, I. W., Assmann, J. J., Alatalo, J. M., Carbognani, M., Chisholm, C., Cooper, E. J., Forrester, C., Jónsdóttir, I. S., Klanderud, K., Kopp, C. W., Livensperger, C., Mauritz, M. & 17 others, May, J. L., Molau, U., Oberbauer, S. F., Ogburn, E., Panchen, Z. A., Petraglia, A., Post, E., Rixen, C., Rodenhizer, H., Schuur, E. A. G., Semenchuk, P., Smith, J. G., Steltzer, H., Totland, Ø., Walker, M. D., Welker, J. M. & Suding, K. N., 11 Jun 2021, In: Nature Communications. 12, 1, 3442.

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