Edinburgh Cast Collection

  • Stoica, Ruxandra-Iulia (Principal Investigator)
  • Stewart, Margaret (Researcher)
  • Ainsworth, Graciela (Co-Investigator (External))
  • Smailes, Helen (Collaborator)
  • Davies, Glenys (Collaborator)
  • Hanke, Thorsten (Collaborator)
  • Dorsett, Chris (Collaborator)

Project Details


The Edinburgh Cast Collection project encompassed the research, conservation, and interpretation of the cast collections at the Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Edinburgh. The project produced a database based on research into the intrinsic historical value of the many early and unique casts in the collection and investigated its cultural and architectural contribution to the re-invention of Edinburgh as ‘Athens of the North.’ The conservation treatment, as well as the interpretation developed through the project ensure that the collection is available as a resource for students, scholars, artists and the general public alike. The project concluded with a special exhibition documenting contemporary artistic engagement with the historic casts, the history of the collection and the conservation process. This marks a new lease of life for a major cultural heritage resource unique to Scotland.
The project was supported by grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund Scotland, Esmeé Fairbairn Foundation and Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland.
Effective start/end date1/07/0631/07/12


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