Enerchange EPSRC Impact Acceleration Award

  • Carter, Kate (Principal Investigator)
  • McGeer, Ewan (Project Partner)

Project Details


Enerchange is a project devised to increase the impact of an EPSRC project exploring how school communities engage with their energy system. The EPSRC ‘Learning Energy Systems’ project is designing devices that work with energy data, sensors and devices and respond to the user story of energy use in their school buildings. This project will embed the energy system devices co-designed in the EPSRC ‘Learning Energy Systems’ project within school communities.
The project will work with the ‘Small Steps’ Energy Awareness programme the City of Edinburgh Council is rolling out in 26 schools over the next year. This is following a successful pilot of the campaign with six schools . This programme aims to raise awareness of energy use in school buildings, and to provide a range of activities to engage with the topic. There is a need to offer activities to teenage children, often missed by engagement projects, to target behaviour change and increase awareness in this important group within society.

Layman's description

Enerchange will offer schools a set of activities based around the energy system devices that will allow them to explore and test their attitudes and behaviours around energy use in their own school. The devices, co-designed with groups of school users (pupils, teachers, building managers) will emerge from the immersive Living Labs taking place over the following school year. They will be designed and used in the communities that they stand to benefit. The output of the Enerchange project will be a suite of material (online and artefact) to enable interactions with the school energy system.
Effective start/end date1/01/1530/09/15


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