Energy Compacts and the Burning Question of Africa's Post-Oil Future

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This project is a pilot study that seeks answers to two main questions; how and why do governance tools aimed at securing green energy transitions end up bolstering state power to continue oil extraction? What does this mean for the dream of a post-oil future if green initiatives actually incentivise the reproduction of state power for oil extraction? These questions emerged from an in-depth reflection of a paradoxical trend where oil-rich states make vocal commitment to move away from oil by adopting various governance initiative, while courting new investors to produce oil. Using the framework of energy compact, a green initiative that was recently unveiled by the UN to bring different stakeholders to negotiate different pathways towards a just, inclusive, and affordable energy transition, and a case study of Ghana’s National Energy Transition Committee, the project seeks to offer new ideas about how to position oil-rich states and other relevant stakeholders to effectively push the agenda for sustainable energy transition.
Short titleEnergy Compacts
Effective start/end date7/09/237/09/24


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