ENsuring Good GlobAl Governance for the European Union

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The ENGAGE (“Envisioning a New Governance Architecture for a Global Europe”) project will advance the goals that are aligned with the
European Commission’s push to have a stronger and more united European voice in the world. ENGAGE will answer how the EU can effectively
and sustainably harness all of its tools in a joined-up external action, with an eye to meeting key strategic challenges and becoming a stronger
global actor. Our contribution to this ambitious quest will be anchored to a comprehensive and detailed analysis of all dimensions of EU external
action, which will go even beyond the call’s requirements.
ENGAGE brings together a consortium that provides first-class academic expertise of European and international scholars who cover the entire
scope of the EU’s external action, involving many practitioners with vast experience in relevant governmental bodies. Our project will be based on
11 Work Packages (WPs). Two initial WPs will provide an analytical grip on the contextual hurdles, both international and domestic, that the EU
faces in the implementation of its external policy. This will in turn inform the other core research WPs of ENGAGE, which are divided into two
interconnected clusters. The first cluster will aim to revamp the governance architecture of CSDP, CFSP as a whole, and other dimensions of EU
external action (including peripheral and sectoral diplomacies), while the second cluster will aim to improve the performance of the EU’s external
action when engaging with strategic partners, its neighbourhood and conflict scenarios. The contextual WPs and the two clusters will converge in a
strategic WP – the cornerstone of ENGAGE – that will produce a White Paper for Joined-up, Coherent, Sustainable, and Effective External Action.
All of ENGAGE’s deliverables and recommendations will be targeted at policymakers across the EU, and seek to spark an inclusive and
representative EU-wide conversation.
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