EPSRC Impact Accelerator Account (IAA). Leveraging the ReDAPT Project: Exploitation of the Alstom-University of Edinburgh marine energy data set.

Project Details


EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account. Collaboration between Alstom, France and The University of Edinburgh

Layman's description

This IAA award provided flexible staff-time to support work on joint research between the University of Edinburgh and Alstom, France between March 2015 and March 2016. Activities centred on developing new - and exploiting existing - marine data sets acquired during the ReDAPT tidal project (£13M, ETI, UK). These large and complex data sets are predominately environmental conditions from the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) tidal test site where Alstom were deploying a 1 MW commercial prototype tidal turbine, the DEEPGen-IV.

Key findings

This project secured the future of a large and complex metocean dataset and allowed new analysis to be conducted primarily in areas of wave-current interaction. Findings from the work were incorporated into department project bids inlcuding the successful EPSRC FloWTurb project and the EC Horizon2020 RealTide project.
IAA support has assisted in the following activities:
• [UoE] The analysis and dissemination of data acquired by a world-first marine sensor, the field-scale converging-Acoustic Doppler Profiler (C-ADP)
• [UoE] Subsequent testing of the C-ADP sensor in the UK’s Flowave test tank.
• [UoE] The commissioning of a numerical model to enable new analysis and re-calibration of the already captured ReDAPT tidal data set.
• [Alstom] Assistance with the generation of the “power curve” for the Alstom DEEPGEN IV 1MW Tidal Turbine and the dissemination of these results at an international conference.
• [Alstom] Access to UoE’s data analysis (ongoing).
• [Tidal Energy Industry] A successful field trial and technical assessment of the applicability of the IEC TS 62600-201 Technical Specification.
• [Tidal Energy Industry] Participation by UoE in scoping exercises, technical workshops, dissemination activities and funding proposals
Effective start/end date2/03/151/03/16