ESRC Investmen in Stem Cells: Capacity Building and Awareness Raising Initiative

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This project produced a series of novel capacity building, networking and outreach activities in the field of stem cells, led by the ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum. The programme involved those working on stem cells both within and outside the ESRC Genomics Network (EGN), and included multidisciplinary seminars and workshops, public engagement activities, and investment in training and capacity building. The objective of this programme was to build on the work of the ESRC Social Science Stem Cell Initiative (SCI) by bringing together social science researchers at all levels with key players from science, policy and regulation, industry and civil society.

In total, ten events and activities were supported by this ESRC award. Six multidisciplinary workshops allowed researchers to present and advance existing work, encouraged interdisciplinary insights and collaboration, and identified and explored current and emerging policy issues. These multidisciplinary events also attracted natural scientists, who were thereby introduced to social scientific research and perspectives on issues raised by stem cell science and technology, building capacity for their appreciation, reception and use of social science. These workshops, along with three public engagement events and one dedicated training programme, strengthened collaborative relationships within the EGN and between the EGN and other ESRC investments. The three public events also exposed the significance of ESRC research to a wider audience.
Effective start/end date1/02/0730/04/09


  • ESRC: £37,515.00


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