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Programme of research (and teaching) focused on the ethical and regulatory implications of emerging digital innovations in healthcare and other sectors which affect it. Explores the ways in which patient's medical and health data is being used by governments, researchers and businesses and its implications for citizens' privacy, consent, control and trust. This includes new forms of data arising from innovations such as consumer genetics, apps, social media and artificial intelligence. It also looks at patients' rights to access and control their personal health information.
This programme also explores how new forms of data, better information management, and analytical tools can support ethical practices in the context of healthcare though improving transparency and accountability.

Layman's description

A broad programme of research examining some of the risks new digital tools and methods are presenting for patients and citizens, as well as how ICT can help to improve ethical practices by improving transparency and accountability.
Short titleData Ethics
Effective start/end date1/01/051/12/30


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