Experiences of minority ethnic and migrant young people in Scotland – lessons for education practitioners and policy makers

  • Arshad, Rowena (Principal Investigator)
  • Moskal, Marta (Co-investigator)

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The project draws on a strong body of research conducted by CERES and researchers at the University of Glasgow. In particular the project will draw from CERES’s most recent research on the everyday geopolitics of minority ethnic young people in Scotland which concluded in February 2016.

In Scotland, teachers, youth workers, social workers and public policy writers are from majority ethnic communities and do not possess the ‘street’ experiences or stories of the lives of minority ethnic and migrant young people. This lack of confidence results in race issues being silenced in many classrooms despite the existence of advice and toolkits. Within a climate that is increasingly tense about matters of diversity, particularly in relation to issues like anti-Muslim sentiments, coupled with the impact of the Government’s PREVENT agenda, this project seeks to inform and identify what schools and other practitioners can usefully do to support minority ethnic and migrant young people.

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Key findings

Teachers and youth workers are asking for capacity building to understand race equality in the 21st century as it pertains to classrooms and youth work settings.
Young people wish more spaces to discuss issues such as racism and contemporary life issues but are not always given such spaces.
The concept of misrecognition and micro-invalidations are new concepts for those in formal and non-formal education.
Effective start/end date1/03/1628/02/17


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