Exploring the intersections of violence in childhood, learning outcomes and educational practices: Towards a new conceptual model

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This project addresses a significant gap in knowledge about the relationship between violence in childhood, educational practices and learning outcomes. We aim to establish an interdisciplinary network of researchers to define the relationship between these variables and develop the conceptual framework required for a comprehensive study in low-income countries to quantify the scope and impact of the problem and explore the relationship between exposure to violence and learning outcomes for children.

Planned outcomes
1) Development of a conceptual framework to integrate multi-disciplinary knowledge on violence in childhood, learning outcomes, and educational practices to address this,taking account of context in low-income countries.
2) Generation of key indicators based on this conceptual framework, realised as observable, measurable learning outcomes and educational practices to test the conceptual framework.
3) Completion of a validation exercise, using these key indicators, with partners in low income countries.
Effective start/end date1/08/1631/07/17


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