Exploring the lives of people living with alcohol related brain damage (ARBD) using photography

Project Details


This project explored the experiences of a group of men living with ARBD using photography as a means of accessing and understanding their lives. The collaboration between Rowan Alba (charity), National Galleries of Scotland and researchers from the School of Health involved photography workshops, interactive sessions with a creative writer and analysis of qualitative data. The project culminated in the public exhibition of the photographs, along with the creation of individual photo books for the participants and the long term installation of the art works at a new NHS run rehabilitation centre for people living with alcohol induced harm. Analytic work on the data continues and collaborations have led to further research project development.

Key findings

1. Experience of using a creative and innovative research method with a difficult to reach group of participants
2. Insights into the range of lived experiences of men living in the community with ARBD.
3. Development of collaborations and research team building which can inform and inspire future work
Effective start/end date1/09/131/06/14