Feminist Alternatives for post-COVID-19 Engagements in Africa

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Recurrent outbreaks of epidemics across the African continent have shown that the consequences are different across generations, gender and income groups. So, what is there to be learned about COVID-19 in particular? This project provides a social sciences and humanities response to the COVID-19 crisis using a feminist intersectional analysis of the pandemic for a more accurate gender-transformative evidence which can influence policy in Africa.

The project will focus on assessing measures deployed nationally and regionally on the African continent using interdisciplinarity. Our proposal is that there is a need for more inclusive and deliberately feminist policies to build forward better, in a way that allows more fragile individuals and social groups to move out of precarity. We take an intersectional approach to analyse political and socio-economic dynamics and propose that gender-blind approaches to fighting COVID-19 do not work.
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Effective start/end date4/01/2131/03/23


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