From concrete to cookers: Understanding the environmental impact of buildings

Project Details


From cookers to concrete: Understanding the environmental impact of buildings will engage school children in a web-based game designed to develop their skills in recognizing where carbon dioxide is produced in buildings and what they can do to reduce it. The proposed engagement project aims to instill demand for more environmentally benign methods of construction and building use in future generations of construction clients and the public as building users. The work seeks to increase awareness of the potential that marked shifts in design and construction methods (such as the use of innovative construction materials and servicing methods to achieve zero-carbon buildings) have for maintaining our quality of life in a sustainable manner. It is necessary to inspire future building users to demand the use of new technologies and new practices so that they will become commonplace without need for regulatory mandate. The project was eighteen months and was designed to coordinate with the school calendar. The project evolved over three phases. The initial phase was the development phase and involved the educational partners and researchers and the creation of a database; a series of building model animations and a public interface for the game specifically and the project in general. The second phase was a strategic piloting phase within our partner schools, two at primary level and two at secondary. This phase involved an iterative process of developing educational material tuned to the specific requirements of the different age groups. The third and final phase was the implementation of the game and support material within the schools and the dissemination of the project outcomes. The implementation was designed to meet the needs of the specific schools and the material was developed to allow flexible delivery. The dissemination was through various media and culminated in an exhibition at the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Layman's description

The project will develop a computer based game to help children understand how buildings cause carbon dioxide emissions. The game will provided for use in the classroom and will be supported with learning materials that align with the Curriculum for Excellence, the new educational framework in Scotland.
Effective start/end date1/07/081/07/10