Gap in the air

  • Parker, Martin (Principal Investigator)
  • Clegg, James M. (Project Partner)

Project Details


"Gap In the Air" was a season / festival of sonic art hosted by the Talbot Rice Gallery featuring new work by staff and students at the University of Edinburgh, public workshops and concerts and performances of internationally recognised work by artists and performers.

Layman's description

'gap in the air' was a celebration of experimental music and sonic art at the University of Edinburgh’s Talbot Rice Gallery, including performances by experimental musicians and artists, work by staff and students, workshops and academic discussions. The programme was dedicated to the experience of sound, the neo-classical space of the Georgian Gallery becoming a sounding-box for the most prescient themes in contemporary sonic art. 'gap in the air' provided an accessible overview of this expanding field whilst also being a live testing ground for new and innovative ideas.
The season of events spanned four thematic sections: "place, reach, orientation and nature".

Key findings

Internally there were opportunities to examine and explore the way Talbot Rice Gallery (TRG) can work with sound as an art medium and our first public workshop examined this in particular detail. We quickly understood the limitations of presenting sound in TRG, but also the opportunities the space offered TRG to expand its audience profile, especially by hosting live music events. As a research project, key findings included four new sound installations generated by staff and students at ECA and shown in a high profile gallery situation. Much was learned by the artists involved. One of the works "Katakata" has ended up in the research portfolio of its designer and subsquently presented in Dundee. "limits to growth" led to new research by Owen Green and Martin Parker in the development and refinement of algorithmic systems (neural networks) for automating permutations of human input. The initial fruits of this work were presented at the 2016 International Conference on Live Interfaces in July 2016. The headphone work Journeyman was also premiered at this event. This was subsequently developed and shown at the Conference of World Affairs and engaged with their recorded archive of 60 years of conferences. This system has since been refined further and used in association with generating "experience-led" documentation of large-scale public events hosted by the Edinburgh International Festival.
Effective start/end date17/11/1416/02/15


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