Heart rate variability in relation to stress in the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)

  • Vézina-Audette, Raphaël (Student)
  • Herry, Christophe L (Researcher)
  • Burns, Patrick (Co-investigator)
  • Frasch, Martin G (Researcher)
  • Chave, Emmanuelle (Researcher)
  • Theoret, Christine (Principal Investigator)

Project Details


This study describes a reliable and accessible means to measure heart rate (HR) and HR variability (HRV) and to evaluate the use of HRV as a physiological correlate of stress in the Asian elephant. Statistical analysis indicates that HRV measurements may adequately distinguish between stressed and non-stressed elephants.

Key findings

Heart rate variability may distinguish between stressed and non-stressed elephants.
Effective start/end date1/03/1428/02/15


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