Help4Mood: A computational distributed system to support the treatment of patients with major depression

Project Details


An interdisciplinary, EU-funded project to design and evaluate a virtual assistive agent aimed at supporting patients between clinic visits. Involved participants from two universities in Edinburgh, as well as in Spain, Italy and Romania. My main contribution was as a psychologist, an eHealth specialist and a member of EU working groups on assistive robots.

Key findings

The project demonstrated some of the technical challenges in building systems that are sufficiently smart and responsive to cope with the challenges presented in mental health, but also the possibilities such innovations hold. It also exposed some of the psychosocial challenges virtualising human carers can bring in terms of trust and safety. The project produced many papers and conference presentations and has been well cited. It has also led to further research and involvement in expert groups by members of the team (e.g. links for Claudia Pagliari noted here).
Short titleHelp4Mood
Effective start/end date1/01/1130/06/14


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