IIRG: Foundations of Normativity International Research Group in Philosophy, Politics & Law

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Awarded £19,995 - G13602

This research group spanning Philosophy, Politics and Law will be hosted by and administratively supported by the Eidyn Research Centre for Epistemology, Mind and Normativity, where it already exists as a part of a pilot project. The aim of this research group is twofold:
(i) to unify disparate strands of research being conducted at the University of Edinburgh in different Schools into the foundations of normativity, broadly construed to include questions about
• the nature of norms, rules and laws – those that govern institutions, actions and thought.
• the connection between norms and reasons to act, think, or feel particular ways.
• how we could know normative claims to be true and/or objective (if they can be).
• the meaning of normative words such as ‘ought’, ‘should’, ‘permissible’, ‘obligatory’, ‘illegal’.
• the connection between normative thought, practical reasoning, free will and moral responsibility.
• how various spheres of normativity might be distinguished and their interaction modelled.
(ii) to foster an international network of scholars working on the foundations of normativity by formalising already existing research connections between University of Edinburgh researchers and researchers at other institutions in a way that promotes increased collaboration, future joint grant applications and wider recognition of Edinburgh as a world-class centre for postgraduate courses and research on the foundations of normativity.
Effective start/end date1/07/1530/06/17


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