Impact of Change on Attitudes, Skills and Professional Learning Requirements: A survey of secondary school teachers of craft, design, engineering and graphics

  • McLaren, Susan (Principal Investigator)
  • Dunn, Lee (Co-investigator)

Project Details


Following the introduction of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), there has been significant transformation in curricula design and responsibility within the Technologies Broad General Education (BGE) and Senior Phase curriculum: Design, Engineering and Technology (DET). This report explores the attitudes, skills and professional learning requirements of secondary school teachers across Scotland, with a specific focus on those teaching Craft, Design, Engineering and Graphics (CDEG). This is an independent report based on a national survey. It is designed to capture the attitudes and thoughts of teachers currently involved in the implementation of the new curriculum arrangements and the teaching, learning and assessment inherent in delivery. The purpose of this report is to guide and inform future support, advice and guidance for professional learning and further research enquiry. Critically, it offers an overview of current thoughts, as a snap shot of time, set in the context of the roll out of the senior phase of DET

Layman's description

The results of a survey undertaken to examine how Design , Engineering and Technology teachers are dealing with the various curriculum changes in Scotland and what they feel the impact has been on their them in terms of attitudes towards teaching, the personal and professional Skills and and what they deem are their professional learning Requirements.
Effective start/end date1/08/1530/08/16


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