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The overall objective of the project is to take the learning from our research and drive a measurable impact on improving the financial capability of young adults, specifically in the context of transition from school to further/higher education and work/apprenticeships. This will be achieved by:
• working in collaboration with key partner organisations (MAS, Young Enterprise, Education Scotland and SIFET) responsible for nationwide (UK and Scotland) financial capability, and with case schools and employers, to co-develop and implement interventions to equip young adults with the confidence and skills needed to develop financial confidence and manage money well;
• evaluating the interventions to understand what works best for young adults in particular contexts (schools and apprenticeship schemes);
• disseminating the findings (via national conferences and targeted seminars) to key stakeholders, policy-makers and educators in an effort to influence policy and practice in schools and apprenticeship schemes;
• developing a web-based resource/toolkit for wider dissemination and use in the UK by schools and apprenticeship schemes.
• facilitating/supporting the roll-out of successful interventions in schools and apprenticeship schemes in Scotland and in the UK in collaboration with key partners.
Effective start/end date1/05/1731/12/18


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