Improving young people’s knowledge of student finance in Scotland

  • Minty, Sarah (Principal Investigator)

Project Details


The project aims to:

- Enhance the impact of the ESRC Senior Fellowship grant ‘Higher Education in Scotland, the Devolution Settlement and the Referendum on Independence’ by conducting knowledge exchange activities to promote young people’s knowledge of student finance in Scotland

- Develop a young person’s guide (available electronically and in print) to improve senior pupils’ knowledge and understanding of student finance and help them in their decisions

- Engage and collaborate with S6 pupils and first year undergraduate students to inform the development of the guide, focusing particularly on pupils in schools with low rates of HE progression where knowledge and understanding tends to be worse

- Disseminate the guide using a range of means to ensure maximum use by young people and practitioners

- Inform future policy around financial information for prospective students.

Layman's description

This project builds upon a body of research gathered by CREID/CES researchers around participation in HE and young people’s knowledge and understanding of student finance. Our ESRC Senior Fellowship grant and work for Universities Scotland showed that students (particularly those from less affluent backgrounds) are confused about HE funding and need clearer information. In partnership with NUS Scotland, SAAS, LEAPS and Gateway Shared Services this project will develop a young person’s information guide. Informed by the views of young people, it will assist senior pupils (and their parents) in the decision-making process and debunk myths around student finance.
Effective start/end date1/10/1431/10/15


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