Introducing anti-racist principles to trauma-informed practice

  • Taylor, Emily (Principal Investigator)
  • Mohammed, Farah (Researcher)
  • Zhang, Di (Other)

Project Details


In the wake of recent activity in relation to Black Lives Matter, many organisations are currently exploring their own culture and attitudes towards working with people from BAME (minoritized) backgrounds. Using the findings from a current research project with a trauma-informed organisation, we will work with families to develop multimedia resources that gives voice to the needs and wishes of families who are minoritized by virtue of their racial, ethnic or cultural background. The resource will articulate the sometimes subtle ways in which minoritized families can feel excluded, and what trauma-informed services can do to improve their experience.

Key findings

Trauma-informed practice models do not articulate effectively how organisations can embrace cultural humility in practice.
The Scottish political and cultural context may have stifled progress made in other countries due to the adoption of a 'post-racist' position that has prevented essential reflection and dialogue.
Developing and promoting cultural humility is an ongoing process. Appropriate terminology changed during the course of our project, reflecting that this is a dynamic area. We recommended the organisation create space for regular open conversations for staff members.

We made two videos - one for staff and one for families - to help explain some of the themes that we uncovered and to help families of colour understand what they can expect when they engage with the organisation.
We presented key findings in a written report and a lunchtime online session, attended by more than 100 staff. The findings were endorsed and attendees were keen to reflect on what they needed to do as individuals and what they needed from the organisation to be able to support families of colour and to address the latent racism that runs through Scottish culture.
A student on the project contributed to a podcast discussion with the organisation's CEO about racism in Scotland.
Effective start/end date1/08/211/04/22


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