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journeyMan is an approach to making dynamic musical experiences on mobile devices. By taking data from on-board sensors such as accelerators and gyroscopes, heading and footsteps can be detected. The numbers derived are used to 'excite' software that plays unique versions of the pieces for listeners. This project was funded by an Innovation Initiative Grant and enabled the PI to work with software developers Two Big Ears on the systems that would make this idea a reality.

Layman's description

Thanks to the rich array of sensor data available to software on contemporary smart phones, there is no reason why listening to music on the phone has to be the same each time. The sensors on your phone respond to your movement and direction and perform music as you move around the world.

Key findings

Listening on headphones in outdoor spaces is not an audiophile experience
Smart phones are extremely useful tools for performing original versions of software-driven music.
A system is not the piece and multiple works, projects and ideas can be explored with the same set of core tools.
Effective start/end date1/09/14 → …


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