Journeyman - music for mobile phone

Project Details


A suite of musical works for mobile phone and ambulant listener exploring sound synthesis, sample playback and gallery exhibition.

Layman's description

Journeyman is a suite of pieces exploring approaches to composition for mobile devices. It exploits the complex array of sensing devices on contemporary mobile phones to perform pieces in real-time as the listener moves around. The pieces can be presented live at concerts, but were designed for a single listener with headphones.

Key findings

- Mobile phones offer a relatively new expressive space for composition, performance and audience engagement.
- On-board sensors can be connected to sound-generation parameters that lead to expressive and responsive computer music controlled in-part by the person listening.
- Sound Spatialisation techniques for playback on headphones can create a very in-depth listening experience, but acoustic cues are much harder for listeners to pick up on in busy street environments where these pieces might be experienced.
- Unity Game Engine offers a cross-platform development environment for mobile music production but the production landscape is unstable leading to challenges compatibility and accessibility challenges for wider distribution of these pieces.
Effective start/end date5/01/1528/02/19


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