Knowledge Exchange Placement with Crossrail

  • Quattrone, Paolo (Principal Investigator)
  • Ronzani, Matteo (Researcher)

Project Details


This placement aims to allow the researcher to translate the ideas of designing without final goals (Cooper et al., 1981), designing for incompleteness (Garud et al., 2008), governing trough tensions and dissonance of principles of evaluation (Stark, 2009; Chenhall et al., 2013), into operational criteria that can inform representation for the management of complexity. This research draws from a study by Busco & Quattrone (2015), which sheds light on how performance measurement systems act as intrinsically incomplete practices of representation, and engage users due to the organizing work that stimulate around this incompleteness. From this perspective, visualisations are not regarded as tool for making users concentrate on what is represented, but on what is left out of that representation, in order to prompt a process of scrutiny and collective sense-making (Quattrone, 2015).
Effective start/end date1/10/1630/04/18


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