Land Use planning challenges: The gentrification of the historical centre of Quibdo, Choco (Colombia) and its impact on the sustainable socio-economic production

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This project is to conduct interdisciplinary, evidence based research in the challenging context of the urban development of Quibdó in the Colombian Pacific coast. It aims to make an innovative conceptual and applied contribution to understanding local practices, intersectoral relations and social inclusion mediated by land use change. The project focuses on research guided suggestions for the improvement of urban governance and regulation of urban space in the Pacific Coast. The project will generate impacts academically, contribute to policy-making and regional planning on urban development, and enable creative collaboration with civil society organisations and different levels
public administration. The final recommendations will be jointly formulated through dialogue between academics, policy-makers and social groups, and will address issues of socio-economic development and socio-physical inclusion.
Effective start/end date1/04/1630/06/18


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