Making Connections

  • Tilley, Sara (Principal Investigator)

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Many journeys rely on us changing from one mode of transport to another, navigating the spaces between services, where one 'stops' and another 'starts'. But even short transfers have potential barriers – crossing a busy street, poor lighting, difficulty finding a place to sit down and rest.

Who’s responsible for the quality of the connection? And what’s the best way for everyone concerned to work together to improve it?

‘Making Connections’ brings disabled people together with transport operator staff and other professionals to experience and assess journey connections between rail and ferry services. We’re working with disabled people to describe and record the real challenges of making connections and work with transport providers to develop improvements to make travel easier for everyone.

Ultimately we’re developing a way of working to improve connections across Scotland and beyond.
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/08/19


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