Marek's disease virus pathogenesis and disease resitance

  • Nash, Anthony (Principal Investigator)

Project Details

Key findings

This project was a collaboration between the Instiute of Animal Health (IAH), the Roslin Institute and the University of Edinburgh. The project involved developing transgenic chickens expressing siRNA which disrupts virus infection to MDV. Edinburgh produce the siRNA amd lentviral delivery system, Roslin made the transgenic chickens, and IAH tested for virus infectivity. The outcome was that several founder chicken lines were developed expressing different siRNAs. However, this approach failed to block infection of chickens when challenged with a pathogenic strain. There were several positive outcomes that arose from the science in this application. (1) This was the first time siRNA expression in the chicken was produced and the technology behind this laid the foundations for subsequent work in generating influenza resistant chickens at Roslin. (2) By studying siRNA novel interference mechanisms were observed. These included subsequent discovery of miRNA which was involved in the regulation of protein expression associated with tumor development in chickens. (3) Expression of miRNA in lentivirus vectors was optimized and subsequently applied to knockdowns of other cellular based pathways in chicken cell lines. The project involved two postdoctoral workers and one student who benefited greatly from the technological advances made in this study.
Effective start/end date9/06/048/06/08


  • BBSRC: £306,869.00