Measuring Humanity: implementation, continued co-production and impact of a framework to measure health and inequalities through creative community engagement

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The projects builds on an evidence-based, co-produced methodological framework which can be used to measure the impact of community engagement approaches on health and inequalities. The project uses an interactive, multi-media web portal to:

i) present an implementation guide for users applying the framework including health practitioners, voluntary organisations and other stakeholders such as the police and housing associations.
ii) translate research on the framework’s first application with the Roma population through videos, podcasts and visual illustrations.
iii) link this work to local, national and international policies on equality, community empowerment, poverty and sustainability.
iv) promote solidarity by sharing community member and stakeholder insights on health and equity.
v) encourage further dialogue between community members, practitioners, policymakers and academics on the extent to which traditional frameworks and indicators can evaluate ‘softer’, humanistic measures and approaches.
Effective start/end date1/10/1631/10/17


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