Measuring Humanity through Music in Schools

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“Measuring Humanity calls for a re-conceptualisation of the public health evidence-base to include crucial forms of creative and relational data about communities’ lived experiences that cannot be accessed through the biomedical approach to generating and using evidence. The arts and act of humans coming together in community provide missing pieces of evidence that must be understood to tackle complex health problems. By privileging the person’s voice, a richer understanding emerges of complex, deep-rooted reasons for ill health. Connecting the individual to the system reveals how diverse subjective realities (personal even subconscious motivations) collide with an objective reality (structural drivers of inequality). Through performance and collaboration, we hear how poverty, power, and politics make people unhealthy. But how do you prove this?” The project emerged out of a need for health bodies and funders to evidence whether and how asset-based approaches improve health and reduce inequality. These approaches build on communities’ strengths rather than deficits through co-production between service providers and service users. A co-produced methodological and evaluation framework – Asset-Based Indicator Framework (ABIF) – was developed to measure impacts of community engagement approaches on health and inequalities with Scotland’s largest health board NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (NHSGGC), Black Minority Ethnic communities, policymakers and third sector. The ABIF is now being applied in various settings with diverse populations to problematize the system of public health evaluation and measurement, and evidence changes in health, wellbeing and inequalities through creativity and connectivity. Measuring Humanity through Music in Schools will apply the ABIF in secondary schools in areas of multiple deprivation. quoted from: de Andrade, M. (2018). Measuring Humanity: hip-hop as evidence for health inequalities. The Lancet, Volume 391, Issue 10128 , 1340 – 1341. DOI:
Effective start/end date1/06/1831/03/19


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