Memory Machine 2.0

Project Details


£15,000 project to develop prototype based on original MeMa project work.

Layman's description

The Memory Machine (MeMa) is a prototype hybrid physical artefact/digital platform to allow an individual to create personalised digital memories for reminiscence and to leave a legacy for friends and family. MeMa, as a digital platform, provides the tools to allow creation and curation of memories that enable meaningful artefacts to be brought to life with rich emotional value. A low-fidelity prototype of MeMa has already been co-designed to facilitate personal and family reflection, history education and cultural heritage.

During the last 12 months, the Principal Investigator and Co-Investigators have been working together on capturing user requirements and design specifications with the goal of producing a Memory Machine as both a commercial product and a research tool and this project is follow-on funding for the actual product design (high fidelity prototypes) and initial evaluation.
Short titleMEMA 2.0
Effective start/end date3/02/201/09/20