Methodological Dialogue in Dementia Design: responding to the call for dementia- friendly environments through co-produced design

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There is an increasing call for “dementia-friendly environments”. Our network focusses on methodological dialogue and debate that will lead to a unique response to this call. We will address challenges of adopting a design methodology structured on social methods of engagement involving people with dementia, where conventional approaches do not neatly apply. In particular, the effectiveness of interventions through participatory design, and a critical analysis of measured impacts with people with dementia will be examined, centred on such methods as: inclusive design (Bichard & Gheerawo, 2013); constructive design research (Koskinen et al, 2011); co-creation and participant action research (Sanders & Stappers, 2008; Steen, 2013); alternative methods of participatory engagement (Bowen et al, 2010; Vines et al, 2013); amongst others. We will contribute to the growing evidence base examining the impact that new tools, aids and design based approaches can have when working with people with dementia.

Layman's description

A research network of interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners from across CHSS coming together to discuss methodological concerns involved with designing inclusive environments for people with dementia.
AcronymARLN funded
Effective start/end date1/09/141/07/15


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