Methodological Framework for the measurement and attribution of climate contribution from scope 3 activities indirectly reducing GHG emissions such as innovation and financing

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The project will fill the current gap whereby there is no trusted existing framework to measure and attribute mitigation activities to the enabling solution providers who need to be empowered and incentivized. The depth and scale of change envisioned by the Paris Agreement requires a broad range of disruptive climate solutions to be developed by solution providers, including financiers, cleantech start- ups, customers and individual citizens. It needs to be deployed at all levels including by national and sub- national policy makers. All need to act as enablers of climate action, to enhance their awareness, willingness, capability and power to act. The project aims to lay the groundwork for and, funding permitting, develop, such a broadly applicable framework.
Effective start/end date1/07/211/07/22


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